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Latest Release Information

The JACY Project announces the upcoming release of a video NFT collection combining breathtaking space visuals with inspiring vocals and lyrics from gospel artist Kaya Jones. 

The limited-edition NFT is a collaborative effort between retired NASA Senior Executive Geoff Yoder and esteemed video director Ed Paten. The images are set to Jones’ song “Royal,” which she co-wrote with Ish Beloso, lead builder of The Jacy Project. 

Interested parties can learn more at 

Love is the Answer Heart and Moon
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Text-TheJacy Project Present the Inaugural NFT Release
Bio Photos-Kaya Jones, Kevi Morse and Ish Beloso
Text-Featuring Kaya Jones, Kevi Morse and Ish Beloso
Text-Initial Relaease of 10,0000 on March 24, 2024 for 1 MATIC each
Love Is The Answer Title Text
For information contact Ish Beloso at Contactthe
Blue Wave-Bridging Hearts & Breaking Chains


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Cryptocurrencies have transcended simple financial transactions, creating a space where communities come together to foster camaraderie, combining empathy and collective growth in an inspiring fusion. 

The Jacy Project leads the way in seamlessly integrating entrepreneurship with enjoyment, combining blockchain technology with liquidity generating mechanisms to achieve transformative change for the betterment of the world.

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Explore the transformative impact of $JACY, our utility token, which enables The Jacy Project community to leverage Web3 technology in pioneering product development and harness the influential power of brands to redefine CHARITY. 


This innovative approach not only revolutionizes philanthropy but also creates opportunities for crowdfunding, empowering people to contribute and make a lasting impact in communities around the world.

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At the heart of our ecosystem is the $JACY utility token, which serves as the basis for governance and revenue distribution mechanisms. $JACY holders enjoy benefits within our community which actively advocates for the project's services. In close collaboration with BrewLabs, our esteemed technology partner, we offer staking and yield farming opportunities, complemented by strong technical support and the creation of Web3 applications.


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Join the ranks of innovators and pioneers embracing the future with blockchain technology. Whether you are an influencer, entrepreneur, organization or charity, our mission is to make the onboarding process smooth, allowing you to take advantage of the immense potential of blockchain technology. With our consultants, you can embark on your blockchain journey and unlock a new era of possibilities.

Onboard the Blockchain

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Embark on a transformative journey by leveraging the capabilities of web3 technology to bring your distinctive creative designs to life. This dynamic integration serves as a powerful tool that allows creators to make meaningful contributions to causes, increase brand awareness and establish strong liquidity pools.

Impactful Change


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Innovative Blockchain Solutions for Sustainable Liquidity

Discover our unwavering dedication to financial sustainability as we delve into cutting-edge Web3 products. By using innovative blockchain solutions, we aim to increase fundraising efficiency, strengthen security measures and provide a level of transparency that exceeds expectations. Bring your ideas to life and embark on this journey where technology meets financial integrity, forging a path towards a future defined by responsible and transparent financial practices.

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Engage in a collaborative venture with our capable team of product designers, prepared to create a distinctive line of products designed specifically for you and your organization. Immerse yourself in a creative process where your vision seamlessly blends with our design expertise, resulting in customized products that resonate with your brand identity.


Anticipate the launch of our upcoming e-commerce platform, meticulously designed to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Not only will you find a range of customized products, but you will also witness the integration of Web3 innovation that creates additional liquidity and functionality to the project ecosystem.


Your Brand With Original Designs


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The $JACY utility token acts as an incentive, motivating holders to participate in the community through transaction fees that contribute to the project treasury, supporting both development and charitable initiatives.


In addition, holding $JACY grants governance rights, determining benefits for holders based on their position.


The assets generated by the project, which produce liquidity, will also contribute to the treasury. This approach allows the community to expand through a variety of means, including web3 liquidity-generating protocols.


Token contract: 0x916c5de09cf63f6602d1e1793fb41f6437814a62

$JACY Token Fundamentals

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Download The Jacy Project White Paper for more information 

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