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Love is the Answer Heart and Moon
The Jacy Project Logo
Text-TheJacy Project Present the Inaugural NFT Release
Bio Photos-Kaya Jones, Kevi Morse and Ish Beloso
Text-Featuring Kaya Jones, Kevi Morse and Ish Beloso
Text-Initial Relaease of 10,0000 on March 24, 2024 for 1 MATIC each
Love Is The Answer Title Text
For information contact Ish Beloso at Contactthe

The JACY Project announces the upcoming release of a video NFT collection combining breathtaking space visuals with inspiring vocals and lyrics from gospel artist Kaya Jones. 

The limited-edition NFT is a collaborative effort between retired NASA Senior Executive Geoff Yoder and esteemed video director Ed Paten. The images are set to Jones’ song “Royal,” which she co-wrote with Ish Beloso, lead builder of The Jacy Project. 

Interested parties can learn more at 

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